Kickstarter campaign!

SPECSTACULR™ can be ordered on Kickstarter in January!


How annoying is it that when you grab your glasses out of the case that it still is stained with fingerprints and other smudges? If you need your glasses quickly, for example, while driving, these stains can even be dangerous.


The foregoing question is what triggered us to create SPECSTACULR™ and was also the start of our joined collaboration. So, why isn’t there anything which you can take your glasses out of and put them on and immediately experience a crystal clear view, without having to perform any additional actions?


We’ve been developing and perfecting SPECSTACULR™ for years now. Our goal is to provide the world an easy solution for having clean glasses, every time you put on your glasses or sunglasses. A revolutionary glasses case not only for storing your spectacles but also for cleaning them.


SPECSTACULR™ is a fully automated mobile cleaning device for all types of spectacles. It is easy to use and will safely clean your glasses in seconds. With no heat and no moister, SPECSTACULR™ cleans your spectacles every time and any time with a consistent result.


With SPECSTACULR™ you will always have the bright and clear view you desire. It will provide you a clean pair of glasses in just 45 seconds. The innovative unique design gives you access to a whole other dimension. The device is rechargeable and operates by pushing one simple button. When using SPECSTACULR™ you are released from cleaning your spectacles manually forever. This will save you a lot of time and will make your day look brighter and more beautiful than ever before.


We’ve made a list of all SPECSTACULR™ benefits:

  • Fully automated, one-button device
  • Results in just 45 seconds
  • Directly ready for use after cleaning
  • No moisture or chemicals required
  • For different types of glasses
  • Safe for storing spectacles
  • Replaceable cleaning parts
  • Compact mobile device


In addition to perfectly clean glasses and the comfort of using them, SPECSTACULR™ also participates in environmental awareness and durability. Therefore SPECSTACULR™ is made out of the most sustainable materials available. Due to the easily replaceable internal cleaning cartridge, SPECSTACULR™ is long-lasting and reusable. Therefore, our planet also remains SPECSTACULR™.


Unfortunately, we are not there yet. SPECSTACULR™ is late in the design phase and is almost ready for market release but is still undergoing some final adjustments. We’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to finalize these last steps towards full market release. If you believe in our project and would like to receive one of the first SPECSTACULR™, back us now on Kickstarter and support our vision.


We truly believe that SPECSTACULR™ will be life-changing for every spectacle wearer in the world.


Would you like to see more of SPECSTACULR™? Get an intimate look into the last development stages throughout the Kickstarter campaign on our social media.