Can I use my SPECSTACULR™ directly after unpacking?

Before using your SPECSTACULR™ for the first time, please charge it for 24 hours.

How easy can I use my SPECSTACULR™?

Just place your spectacle in your SPECSTACULR™, close it, and press the start button. Wait until your SPECSTACULR™ indicates that the cleaning process is completed and take your spectacle out of the case. No further actions are required, your spectacle is immediately ready for use.

Can I use my SPECSTACULR™ for cleaning other products besides spectacles?

No, your SPECSTACULR™ is specially designed for safely cleaning a broad spectrum of spectacles only. You can use your SPECSTACULR™ as often as you like.
Our innovative and patented cleaning method further prevents your spectacle and your (non)coated spectacle glasses from damaging.

Does my SPECSTACULR™ come with a user manual?

For your convenience, you can find a complete digital user manual on our website, which you can download for offline use.

How often do I have to recharge my SPECSTACULR™?

This is of course depending on your usage.
Your SPECSTACULR™ will indicate on time when it needs to be recharged and when recharging is completed.

Can glasses with flexible nose pads be cleaned with SPECSTACULR™?

Yes SPECSTACULR™ can handle glasses with flexibel nose pads, and still give the same clear and clean result.

Because your glasses are placed with the nose bridge in a holder enough support is provided (similar to the way you hold your glasses during manual cleaning). So all types of nose pads (including flexible ones) are possible.

Does my SPECSTACULR™ need any maintenance?

The only maintenance required is when your SPECSTACULR™ needs charging or when it indicates when the cleaning cartridge needs to be replaced. This will be after 1.500 uses of cleaning your spectacle. No further maintenance is needed.
And due to the easily renewable cleaning cartridge, your SPECSTACULR™ is long-lasting.

Does SPECSTACULR™ come with a warranty?

Yes, of course, your SPECSTACULR™ comes with an international two-year warranty.
If your SPECSTACULR™ is dead on arrival or breaks down due to normal usage within the warranty period, your SPECSTACULR™ will be replaced with a new SPECSTACULR™ without any additional costs.

How long-lasting is the cleaning cartridge of my SPECSTACULR™?

Your SPECSTACULR™ indicates when the cleaning cartridge has to be renewed. At normal usage, the cleaning cartridge lasts a minimum of 1.500 cleaning cycles.
Renewing the cleaning cartridge is very easy (click-out / click-in). Instructions are also available in your user manual or on our website.

Where can I order my new cleaning cartridge?

You can order your new cleaning cartridge easily on our website, starting simultaneously with the moment the 1st Edition Matt Black SPECSTACULR™ shipping starts.

How much costs a new cleaning cartridge for my SPECSTACULR™?

The price of a new cleaning cartridge for your SPECSTACULR™ is € 24,95.
Just click-out the old one, click-in the new cleaning cartridge and your SPECSTACULR™ is ready for another 1.500 cleaning cycles. Price is ex. shipping costs.

When can I expect my 1st Edition Matt Black SPECSTACULR™ to be delivered?

After pre-ordering your 1st Edition Matt Black SPECSTACULR™ our aim is to ship your SPECSTACULR™ in the 3rd quarter of 2021. We will keep you, constantly informed about the production, shipping, and delivery progress.
Directly after shipping your SPECSTACULR™ we will send you a personal track & trace code.

How fast can I expect delivery of the new cleaning cartridge for my SPECSTACULR™?

You can expect same-day shipping. We will send you a personal track & trace code immediately after shipping. Delivery depends on in which country you live but we strive to deliver within 3-5 working days.

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