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About Us

How annoying is it that when you grab your glasses out of the case that it still is stained with fingerprints and other smudges? If you need your glasses quickly, for example, while driving, these stains can even be dangerous.


So, why isn’t there anything which you can take your glasses out of and put them on and immediately experience a crystal clear view, without having to perform any additional actions?


This question is what triggered us to create SPECSTACULR™ and was also the start of our joined collaboration. For almost a decade we have been taking steps in realizing our vision. Entrepreneurship is in our blood.  Our aim is to create revolutionary products because we love the challenge.


We truly believe that SPECSTACULR™ will be life-changing for every spectacle wearer in the world. We are Eric and Gèrald and we are very grateful for your support.


See you!

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